About Us

Operating for a Healthier Future

Our mission is to bring transparency to chaos, while generating relationships that last well beyond an emergency through problem solving, together.

Who We Are and What We Stand For

IHH was conceived during the tumultuous 2020 Pandemic. At our core, we’re a team of entrepreneurs and professionals with a singular vision: to enhance health outcomes for everyone. Our dedication goes beyond products; we are deeply committed to advancing innovative health solutions and championing startups set to redefine the healthcare landscape. In every endeavor, our ethos remains clear: transparency, equity, and a healthier future for all.


Who We Serve and Why

At IHH, we cater to a wide range of institutions: from schools and hospitals to governments. The 2020 Pandemic showed us that every part of our society is vital and vulnerable. Our motivation is straightforward. We work with these institutions because when they are strengthened and protected, the larger community benefits. It’s about more than just supplying products. It’s about ensuring stability, safety, and resilience in the face of health challenges. We’re here because we believe in a practical and proactive approach to a healthier future for everyone.

What We Do

We identify and facilitate direct-to-factory communication to guarantee product availability. With the capability to generate the production of our own within North America, IHH reduces the uncertainties of overseas logistics and stabilizes the spot market.


Meet the IHH Team


Sergio Mankita

Partner & Dir. International Sales
(LATAM, Canada, Europe);
Quarterly Results Timekeeper

David Cruz

Partner & Risk Management Sales Specialist; Dir. All Things Texas


Tayrin Riojas

Government Relations Specialist
Dir. of Mexico Operations


John K. Liu

In-House Corporate Counsel


Brian Fischer

President & Visionary
Corporate Development


Ali Cooper

Regulatory Specialist